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Wendy Nunnery

Assistant Coach -

Welcome Half Marathoners! You have found the right place to train for the half marathon. I will be assisting with the half marathon. My pace is not fast but I finish. I started with USAFIT in 2001 when I trained for my first marathon. I completed it and the next year I started Kingwood Fit and was program director for 7 years. The program is still going on today. Since that Saturday in July of 2001, I have completed 3 marathons, many half marathons and even complete the MS 150 and dozens of triathlons. I took a few years off but joined SA Fit last year and completed the Rock N roll Half Marathon. As stated, I am not fast as my pace is from 11:00 minute miles to 13 but I finish which is all that counts. Looking forward to assisting you in your goals of completing a half marathon!