Our Coaches

Adnil Buse

Organizer -

USAFIT San Antonio Organizer
I have been a runner for over 20 yrs.
I have done multiple full and half marathons. Once in a while I like to challenge myself or get something new under my belt, goes the 100 miler. 100K, 50 miler, 50K. I am also a triathlete. Completed half Ironman, 100 miles of riding, 100k, 60 miles and more. In addition,  I am a 2X boston marathon runner.
Certified RRCA coach.  CPR/First Aid Certified

Stephen Bell

Organizer -

My name is Stephen Bell.  I am 41 years-old.  I started running 6 years ago, when I did my very first 5k race!  With that race, I fell in love with running.  My second race was the San Antonio Rock N Roll Full Marathon six months later.  Since then I have run 3 full marathons, 3 half marathons and a lot of short races.  About 2 years ago, my runner friends started becoming triathletes.  I felt the peer pressure and did my first triathlon 2 years ago.  Since then I have done a sprint and Olympic triathlons, two half Ironman races. 

Running has become a big part of my life.  I am now doing triathlons with my daughter.  We are both signed up to do the San Antonio Rock N Roll Half Marathon in December.  I have really found the benefit with running with others and am looking forward to being a part of USAFit!!

CPR Certified

Vernon Haven

Head Coach -

Welcome walkers to Runners! Vernon is a retired military veteran of 20 years. Before the military Vernon was amateur boxer for over 2 years. He coached boxing in first 3 years in the military, added couple of tuff man boxing competitions along the way. After the military career, Vernon struggled with his weight, reaching just over 300lbs. Over the 17 years after the military it’s been up and down struggle to for him to lose that weight and to get healthy again. Vernon has lost over 85lbs, says he has it under control now and will be there to support you in your goals. Vernon will be your strength and fitness coach, along with your half marathon coach.


Vernon experience: over 20 years of leading heroes in physical fitness. Certified Beach Body Coach,

Vernon has several 5k races this year and last year under his belt along with this year’s 13.1 Alamo half Marathon.

Vernon Goals is to qualify for the Boston Marathon!

Irene R. Teegarden

Head Coach - Full Marathon

Congratulations on having decided to complete a full marathon! I’m extremely excited about the upcoming USAFIT 2017 running season. I’ll be assisting you with your full marathon training. I’ve been an avid runner for the past 15 years. Over the past two years I’ve manage to take my hobby, which is running and turn it into my passion. I’ve become diligent in my training thus allowing me to improve my pace, strength, and confidence when performing. It’s truly been a privilege to have been selected as your training coach for the USAFITSA 2017 full marathon training program and I look forward to crossing the finish line with all of you at the San Antonio Rock and Roll marathon this coming December.
CPR Certified

Donna-Dolores Buse

Assistant Coach -

Welcome to USAFit San Antonio! My name is Donna-Dolores Buse, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing what this year brings.

I got involved with USAFit San Antonio last year. It was the first running group I have ever got involved in, and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I used to weigh 248 pounds, and now I have completed 5 full marathons and 6 half marathons. I am also a Marathon Maniacs member.  That’s how I know we are capable of doing anything we set our minds to. I look forward to running with you all, and see you at the finish line.

CPR/First Aid Certified

Wendy Nunnery

Assistant Coach -

Welcome Half Marathoners! You have found the right place to train for the half marathon. I will be assisting with the half marathon. My pace is not fast but I finish. I started with USAFIT in 2001 when I trained for my first marathon. I completed it and the next year I started Kingwood Fit and was program director for 7 years. The program is still going on today. Since that Saturday in July of 2001, I have completed 3 marathons, many half marathons and even complete the MS 150 and dozens of triathlons. I took a few years off but joined SA Fit last year and completed the Rock N roll Half Marathon. As stated, I am not fast as my pace is from 11:00 minute miles to 13 but I finish which is all that counts. Looking forward to assisting you in your goals of completing a half marathon!


Dr. Lorena G. Gonzalez

Assistant Coach -

Congratulations on making the decision to enhance your life through running. The decision to join USAFIT will result in a variety of outcomes. First, learn and be coached by highly skilled coaches. Secondly, you will be guided and gentle (sometimes a bit firmer) pushed to reach your goals. And finally you will develop not only a support system but also many friendships! I know this to be true as I joined USAFIT to complete my first ½ marathon. As a triathlete, I had endurance but through USAFIT I found the guidance and support to be victorious in running! My primary role will serve to support the coaches. You may not see me at every run as I will be responsible for the narrative of your journey. As a published author, I know the impact words and photos have on motivation.